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New Plugins

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP posted Jul 4, 16  -  DS9ClanDSMineMinecraft

First we have a sort of Market plugin that allows you sell items on the auction and players can buy them at their leisure. There is a 48hr time limit on them, so after that they will be returned to you.

Second, Batch (formerly known as PepsiAlex) has made a plugin called Transfer Chest. It allows you to transfer the contents of an entire chest to another chest without even touching the items. You use the command /trch and then right click on the chest which you wish to transfer, then left click on the chest you want to put the items into.

Congratz to SassyDoll who was first in the Top Monthly Voter again, she will be receiving 64 Bottles 'O' Enchanting and 250k in game cash :)

[M] SilentDiary I can't use the command it says no permission
[M] Sassydoll V.I.PVIP+ Oh my thank you! I haven't been on for months due to my work, at least i can vote daily during my lunch break. I l...
[CMod] superpotroast STAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP The transfer chest thing sounds like a big time saver for someone like me..

Minecraft 1.10 Update

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP posted Jun 19, 16

Finally we have updated to 1.10 after waiting for a plugin to be updated. Auction has been updated with the new blocks, and new spawn eggs will be added to the spawn egg shop. any problems, please post in the Problems board of the forums, not on the chat box please.

1.9 Upgrade

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP posted Mar 15, 16

We are now officially running on 1.9 now on all servers. We might encounter some problems, Starfighter hopes that he has covered all problems, but if you find any, please tell PK or Star right away. Please don't say "There is a problem", tell about the problem lol.

The weapons that Star has been making and auctioning over the last month, 1.9 does not like them and has removed some of the perks like health and speed. Please return your weapons and armour to Star and he will replace them for you :)  Please be patient though, he can only assist one person at a time, so don't rush him :)

To get to the new End, you have to kill the Ender Dragon. All I have to say is good luck with that lol.

[M] Hadesman1 V.I.P I killed the new dragon i wish i could have bottled the dragon's breath
[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP It does, there is one portal there already
[CMod] superpotroast STAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP A new additional portal should open at each killing of the ender dragon up to about 20 times..At least that's the r...

February Top Voters

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP posted Mar 1, 16

Our Top 3 Voters were:

  • 1st Place - Sassydoll
  • 2nd Place - Hainseland
  • 3rd Place - Airanp

Prizes will be given in game :)

January Top Voters

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFFV.I.PVIP+LAPISVIP posted Mar 1, 16

Our Top 3 Voters were:

  • 1st Place - dal112
  • 2nd Place - Sleidner
  • 3rd Place - Nightkeeper1995

Prizes will be given in game :)